Monday, August 5, 2013

On My Radar: July

I know we are technically in August, but here is what I have been crushing on in July. Heck, I'm still crushing on them!

On My Radar: July

Large Lacquered Rectangular Box / Industrial Task Table Lamps / CableBox / Pamela Large Prints / Nest™ 9 Plus - Space-Saving Food Preparation Set by Joseph Joseph / Pie™ Timer - 60-minute Kitchen Timer by Joseph Joseph

  1.  Pink Lacquered boxes from the Container Store. I love lacquer boxes--I would love to get a set of these for my coffee table. I would use one of them for my Iphone and Nook charging cords, because I always find myself throwing those cords on my coffee table and I think they need a home. Maybe the other could be for the TV and cable remotes. 
  2. Joseph Joseph kitchenware--I want everything in this line! My favorites are the bowl/measuring cup sets, the timer and the spatulas. Such fun pops of color for the kitchen. And check out the space saving/organization of that bowl set! 
  3. Bluelounge cable box--another organizational nirvana item. Hide all the cords around the TV? Yes, please. 
  4. Michelle Armas prints. I am seriously crushing on the explosion of colors on her artwork. Must. Have. 
  5. West Elm's Industrial Task Table lamp--gold, industrial, light. Trifecta. 
What's on your radar this month? 

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