Monday, April 14, 2014

Priming & Painting Little Loo

It's been a little busy this weekend trying to knock out some painting projects to get the lower level prepped for the next stage of this renovation (flooring). So I spent the weekend in paint fumes, priming and painting the powder room and the newly mudded drywall.

A few things from this weekend:

  1. Priming over newly mudded drywall is a pain. It took me 5 hours to prime the ceiling and walls of the powder room (Little Loo) and the small patch jobs around the large room. The new drywall sucks up the paint and it doesn't glide evenly so more arm power is needed for smooth coverage. I am looking at the playroom (which also needs mudded and primed) and wincing. 
  2. Color-Matching strikes again! I went to Sherwin Williams to pick out my paint the other day since they are A-my favorite paint and B-having a 40% off sale of all paints; and asked the guy to color-match to Glidden's Silver Birch. I'd had the same color done there before so I assumed (wrongfully so) that he was pulling up my account when he asked for my name before the Color Match job.  I got the flat ceiling paint home and started slapping it up on the walls and it was green. Not even pretty green but olive green.  I grabbed another can of the same color (eggshell-so not made for walls) and tested it out right next to the other paint and there was a huge difference. So I used the eggshell paint on my ceiling just to get it done. I still have to take the original flat ceiling paint back to have them fix it before I can finish the media room.
  3. I then put on the first coat of the new color on the walls in the powder room and it's a pretty color. It will need a second coat so looks like I'll be working on that throughout the week. It's a bad picture and the light is washing out a lot of the color, but when you stand in the room it has more impact. It's very soothing and spa-like. It is Sherwin William's Sea Salt.  Unlike the primer it only took one 1 hour to knock out the ceiling and walls (well, AFTER I figured out the whole green ceiling paint debacle!) 
So there you have it, three things from the weekend. What did you get up to this weekend? 

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