Monday, October 29, 2012

Butterfly Girl

I am the kind of person who gets bored easily. And in my house, there are unfinished projects in almost every room. My bedroom walls are painted cream and waiting for the stencil, my media room has one unpainted wall, a fireplace with no mantel or trim, exposed studs and wiring from where we knocked down a wall, and three types of carpet linking the lower level rooms.
But there is one room in my house that has found its happy place. While it could still use some finishing touches as we go along, Peyton’s room has avoided the mess of half-completed projects that seem to trail in my wake.  When we first saw the house, the room that is now Peyton’s had a lot of personality.  

So I re-painted (and removed the butterflies and the colorful valence and the junior-sized fan).  I didn’t have the foresight to snap a picture after I painted her room pink. But trust me when I say it was much better than the blue sponge-paint effect. But the color was very pink. And after a few years of living in princess-pink bliss, my subliminal messages of “if you could paint your room any color, what color would it be?” finally sank through her head. (Ok, I admit it, they weren’t very subtle. I might have plopped a paint deck on the table and sat her down and said “pick a color, any color but pink.”)
And today, her room is the happiest room in the house.

It was still missing a little personality, however, so we added something to the empty wall above her bed. I confess. I removed the butterflies when we moved in the house. But they came back in.

At least these butterflies sparkle.  And for a girl who loves butterflies, what more could you ask for.


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