Sunday, March 17, 2013

Knock Me Off

A couple weeks ago I talked about creating a new blog series called the High Low list... I worried a little bit about copyright infringement because it seems there are a lot of "High Low" features in magazines and online. In fact, HGTV had a brilliant series with Sabrina Soto that was called "The High Low Project" and I absolutely loved watching that show. HGTV hasn't been very much fun lately since it seems like every time I find time to flip on the TV it's just another house hunting episode. ,/Bor-ing,/,/

But since I am forever online browsing and finding some good knock offs, I am going to rename the High Low list to "Knock Me Off." Hopefully nobody has used that before!  So here we go with the next (first?!) installment of Knock Me Off!

High Low

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