Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quickie Organizing!

I cannot take credit for this idea at all, but being that I love organization and baskets, I just had to be a shameless hussy and copy this idea from Ashley from 7th House on the Left.

Image from here

There are so many talented bloggers out there and I am always inspired by seeing projects they have tackled in their homes, and I absolutely love when a project is easy and do-able for lazy folk like myself. This project does not require: an electrician, a carpenter, a plumber, or scads of money. You can do it! Heck, I did it. So first a shout-out to the wonderful bloggers who have inspired me today and gotten me to stop dithering and complete a project (tiny though it may be). Check out Ashley and Greg's blog--it is chock-full of great ideas!!!  And today, I'm showing you one of those projects that have inspired me to get up and do it already!

First up--the baskets. Ashley shared her source with us--they are Target's Threshold Small Paper Rope Baskets. So I whipped out my iPhone and checked the Target site for the baskets. ,/Ta-dah!,/,/

This is where my record started scratching... $70? For a set of 6?! ... NOT SOLD IN STORES?! Color me offended. So I hemmed and hawed and thought that surely wasn't worth it. Not to mention, I would have to wait for the delivery of said baskets. Kiss of death. 

Then, the other day, I was in Target to return a few picture frames and, naturally, I wandered the entire store and lo and behold.... Guess what I found?!?! (I don't really have to say it do I? I mean surely you, you educated reader that you are, know by now I am talking about the baskets....) 

Here is where I hugged my giddy aunt. The baskets were priced at $6.79.... each. Picture me whipping out my iPhone calculator (because math ain't my thing) and pricing six baskets at $6.79 for a grand total of $40.74. Do you hear angels singing? Pretty sure I did. Six little baskets followed me home... 

I immediately cleared out my kitchen cabinet where a random assortment of baking supplies, coffee, medicines, vitamins and spices have resided for the past few years making a lovely jumble of a mess. 

Then I tackled the old contact paper that was blotchy and sticky and just ew. (In fact, I should be embarrassed to show you this. Oh, I am... ohhh, the shame!)  I removed the white contact paper and turned to my new "grass cloth" friend: 

I lined my clean shelves with those bad boys and I got a clean slate: 

Then, with Peyton's help, we sorted our stuff out into a few piles: medicine/vitamins, baking supplies, mama's coffee stash, spices and trash. (The girl loves to clean and organize... Really, you should be asking HER why that contact paper was so dirty.. yes, that is how I roll, blame the 7-year old...)  In any case, once everything was sorted out we put them all in the baskets... well except for the Trash pile. That went into the trash. (shocker.)  You are telling me to stop yapping and show the pictures already, aren't you? 

Well, look at that.... I have an empty shelf. I think I may be visiting Target again in the very near future. 

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