Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gray Sunshine

Since I am looking to paint my upstairs in gray, I am looking at inspiration. Here is my favorite shot from Room and Board:

Image from Room and Board found here
Now, granted, the inspiration shot has white walls and very little yellow, and I am actually thinking it will be perfect for my Media Room downstairs. But until I am there, there is no harm in decorating the upstairs with some of the elements I am loving at the moment. They can just shuffle on downstairs when the Media Room is wrapped up (will it ever be?!). I'm so fickle that by the time that rolls around I'll have posted twenty or so different mood boards, anyway. 

Live for the Moment, because tomorrow may never come. 

In any case-I put together a mood board below of amazing, but ridiculously pricey items that I love. Many are from the original source of inspiration-Room and Board. I swear, it is such bad luck (good luck?!) that I found this site...

Gray Sunshine

As with any inspiration, (chock-full of unaffordable things for a lowly peon like myself...) I will use the mood board as a springboard to bring the look home at reduced prices.  I already found the ottoman and a pillow at cheaper prices than the originals at Room and Board. Stay tuned for June's Knock Me Off post! 

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