Saturday, June 15, 2013

15-minute Mini Spruce Up

My hallway is currently cluttered with miscellaneous odds and ends that have been shuffled from room to room while these projects are going on, waiting for a home.  In an attempt to get SOMETHING off the floor today, I did a quick tidying up of the cabinet under my bathroom sink using things I had around the house.  So not only did this take all of 15 minutes, but this project was free and sanity-saving.

Since it's not a big ,/Ta-dah,/,/, let's start with the before shots:

In case it's hard to tell, all that really happened in this cabinet was odds and ends were thrown in with complete disrespect to organization. It was complete chaos. Middle earth went to war on these grounds.  And somehow, a bottle of aged mouthwash spilled all over the cabinet floor, so the contact paper lining the base of the cabinet was grungy.  (I am pretty sure mouthwash does not age well, like wine.)

So I peeled off the grunge and then I grabbed the last roll of my neighborhood friend, the faux Grass-cloth shelf paper and laid it down.

Then I grabbed two of the plastic drawers there were littering my hallway and crammed them in. Literally, I had to cram them in. The cabinet is too narrow for any self-respecting sized storage, so I actually had to angle the drawers in order to be able to slide them out without restrictions. Which, actually, angled things drive me nuts so we shall see if this is truly sanity-saving. I have to resist the urge to straighten them.

So in went toilet paper rolls, cotton-balls and q-tips. Oh my. On the top I threw my travel cosmetics bag. Then on the other side, I didn't really have anything that worked for smart storage, so I kept the basket there that holds Boo's brush and spray and some cleaner products. I took some measurements and next time I head to the store I'll try to pick up a shelf so I can pack in some more organization. But for now, this is where I am at.

Not bad for a free 15 minute session, eh? Anyone else have super-small cabinets that are laughable when trying to fit in organizational tools?

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