Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Domino is Back!!!

Four years ago, when the economy went bad, a lot of home decorating magazines shut down. Domino magazine was one of the magazines that stopped publications. Four years ago, I was just starting to be interested in home decorating and realizing that I wasn't the only one who was addicted to home decor and everything related. I had a few issues of Domino before the magazine stopped publishing. I wasn't a huge fan. I was still discovering my style, and four years ago, I was more Traditional. In fact, it was only a few years ago that I found myself drawn more and more to the modern vintage style.

Remember my magazine hoard?

Roughly two to three years ago I re-read my Domino issues and I just loved them. I bemoaned the fact that the greatest magazine was no longer published and that I had only 4 months of the magazine saved. I bought the Domino book, bought every "Special Issue" publication they printed in the past year and loved every word, every picture, in the book and magazines. Then, just the last week, I heard Domino was coming back.

And the other day, I was walking through Barnes & Noble and I saw it--the first issue of Domino magazine!!

Domino magazine Holiday Issue link here
So of course, I bought it! It was a little pricey for a magazine-$11.99, but it is quarterly. And Domino is back! So it was worth it.  As soon as I got home that evening, after I fed Peyton and got her busy with a craft project, I sat down to read it. I loved the home features--I was amused even, when I saw a home featuring a charcoal/black wall. Seeing the individuality of the homes that were featured was great.

But I was not a fan of the items in their shopping feature. Their new "gimmick" if you will, is online shopping for the items they feature in their catalog.  In theory, it's a TERRIFIC idea--you get to shop for items you see in the magazines.That made me so excited!  But, this first issue was a holiday issue (it boasted of a "10 page gift guide with loads of items less than $50"), and it featured a lot of fabulous home decor and other items you can purchase on their site. I was shocked at some of the items they picked--the majority of items are seriously out of my price range. I snapped a pic of one page and sent it to my friend, because I just stunned at what they considered a "gift". A scone for $2,075?! A tumbler for $271?! I don't know who is buying these gifts for their friends and family, but if you know someone with that budget for holiday gifts, hook me up, mmkay?

Domino Mag, Holiday issue, page 73

That said, there were a couple of fabulous homes I liked looking at. This picture in fact, was very inspirational and felt like an easy look I could "bring home."  

Domino magazine link here
The magazine has a few pieces you can use to "bring this look home" and then if you hop onto the website there are a few additional pieces. (The cheapest item. by the way, for sale in the magazine or online was a yellow pillow for $43.)  But what drove me nuts is that the item I really liked, the scones on the bookshelf, said they were from Lamps Plus in the text. But there was no source or name so you know where to find/buy from Lamps Plus. I am assuming they do not sell any longer, because I did a search on Lamps Plus for something similar and all I could find was this: 

Weathered Brass Black Shade Hardwire Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Lamps Plus

So I was a little bummed that the shopping feature is out of my budget and thus, invaluable to me. Was the magazine worth it? Definitely. Will I keep buying the magazine? Without a doubt. Do I still love Domino? But of course. It's Domino after all.

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