Monday, October 7, 2013

Impatience is a Girl's Best Friend

I admit it. I am very impatient. I like everything now and I absolutely hate being patient and doing "things right the first time" because usually it turns into a very long, drawn-out, slow process. (In fact, this is why I keep project hopping and projects are "charmingly imperfect", because I get bored and then it's on to the next thing!) I am all about instant gratification.

The mid-century dresser I bought has been impatiently waiting for the day when it can become a true TV credenza. My grand vision included replacing my sofa and moving the credenza to the charcoal gallery wall. I was, like a good girl, going to wait until I sold the sofa and then bring up my leather sofa from downstairs until I found the right couch. But I'm still indecisive on selling the couch on Craigslist or waiting until I can do a garage sale, so until I get my guts up, I'm stuck with the couch.

And its HUGE. It's very comfortable, but it is far too huge to put anywhere else in the room but the one spot it is in. So, I did what any impatient decorator would do. I split it up.

By myself. Without waiting for my Papi to come help me move the heavy stuff, like the 42" TV and the old TV stand, the new dresser, and ... oh yeah, the sofa. See. I told you I was impatient.  Thinking about it now, I should really rename this blog to "Things you should never do."

The new layout is certainly temporary and made me more determined than ever to get rid of the hulking couch, but I like it. It makes me feel more like an adult--and while "cozy" it definitely lends a more open air to the room. I took a few (very bad) iPhone snapshots to show the new layout:

It's certainly not completed, and there are a few pieces in the room that aren't meant to stay (the sofa and the brown end table, for example, in the picture above) but it is one step closer to where I'd like to be.

I should also point out, I added another piece of artwork to my gallery wall:

Check out the print at the top left. It is Elizabeth Mayville's "Braid 2" print. Here is a closeup:

"Braid 2" by Elizabeth Mayville, Etsy

I love the print, and am so glad I bought it. It adds a pop of yellow and it totally reminds me of the days when I wore my hair long and braided and was very "bohemian." (Actually, one of my nicknames in college was "Bohemian Kelci.") I'm not sure my own braids ever looked this good, though.

So the gallery wall is getting there, though not quite done yet, I don't think. But it's good. And now, sitting on my sofa opposite the Gallery Wall, I get the pleasure of looking at all the prints.

What do you think? Anyone want to buy a great hulking (but comfy) sofa?!

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