Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alien invasion

My kryptonite is literature. I love reading-books, magazines, cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, you name it and I'll read it. I also tend to keep everything I read... ok, so maybe I don't keep the empty cereal boxes and shampoo bottles, but I DO keep all my books and magazines. One thing I would really love to get in this house is a library of built-in bookshelves where I can keep all my books and magazines. Right now, they are scattered all over the house, in piles, in random bookshelves in various rooms, on the floor.... They're everywhere... like aliens. 

Ok, not really like aliens. But they are. Everywhere.  And I really, really want to get them organized and off my floors. So I enlisted Peyton's help and we did this. 

Every single magazine I have was sorted into piles. I might have had over 30 piles on my living room floor.  I had six clear magazine files. And I filled them all in 2.3 seconds.  I need more. Like, 36 more. I counted all the magazines and had to do a little math to figure that out, but in order to house my current magazine collection, I need roughly 36 more magazine files. That's going to cost somewhere over $350.  Ouch! So even though I had to remove these magazines back into piles around the house, they are organized now. And they will someday, have a home and look just as pretty as these six: 

Honestly, my heart just goes pity-pat seeing all that nicely contained organization. What do you do to store your magazines? Anything that doesn't cost $350?! 

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