Monday, January 21, 2013

Hallway Updates

Would you buy it if I told you I took a long walk and I fell off the edge of earth? (Let's presume for a moment here that the earth isn't really round...ok, and that I actually do an activity that can be considered physical exercise....)

So I have been remiss in updating this blog with all that has been going on lately. I took some time off work and just literally unplugged from it all.  Or at least, I unplugged as much as one can with Christmas, New Year's, my daughter's birthday and my birthday. I also made a little dent in my 2013 Top Ten list. Can you guess what it is?

I got the main doors in the hallway painted, and I taped off all the trim for painting when I had to pause the painting because we had family coming to visit for Peyton's 7 year birthday party.  Here is where we are today: 

As you can see, there is still some trim to be painted yet, but the main doors are done with a few spots of touch-up yet to do, and the new doorknobs are on (well, on most of the doors). They are perhaps, the best part.  I went with the Schlage Stainless Steel Dover Levers from Menards. I had one of the 20% off shopping bags and they were $16.99 each for the passage levers and $18.99 for the privacy knobs. With 20% off of my loot, it kept the total for 5 doors well below $100. Score! 
I chose the Dover knobs because they were stainless steel and they had the simple, modern look I wanted to bring into my home. They are a huge upgrade from the rusted gold knobs previously on the doors.  As I said, most of the knobs are on, but a few had to come back off for repair and re-paint.  When my dad attempted to fit these new knobs into the old holes, we discovered a very unpleasant surprise. These "guaranteed fit" door knobs would not fit in the current holes because it appears the builders of this house decided to cut some corners when installing the old knobs. They had used mobile home knobs. Apparently, hole sizes are different for mobile homes. 

After a little research, my dad was able to find a drill template and drilled the old holes into new holes that would accommodate my "guaranteed fit" beauties, but it took a little trial and error. It splintered the wood very badly on one of the doors, so we had to patch the wood around the knob and I had to re-prime and re-paint. And, since he had the patching goods out we patched over a few additional dents the doors had obtained over the year, so thus, there is more re-priming and re-painting to be done. 

There is also something to be said about this recent painting episode. I will never paint baseboards attached to the wall again. It was a horrible experience painting those baseboards.. I had to tape the carpet down using my trusty green Frog tape and then use a paint edger (ok, you got me, I don't know what it's actually called--it's a 12" long flat stainless steel blade of some sort to hold between your baseboard and the carpet so you don't actually paint on the carpet). Most. frustrating. experience. ever. What is most unappealing is that was only the hallway completed.... I have 3/4 of the house left to do. Cue sobbing. 

Hopefully, the end result will be worth it. I can honestly say it was a little disconcerting to have white doors after having dark wood doors for so long. And because no project ever starts without an end result in mind,  here is my vision for my entry hallway: 

Entry Hallway

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And for those of you who are actually reading this blog, let's play a little "Where's Waldo," shall we? OK  you got me, there's no Waldo, but there are two things in my mood board I have checked off from my "must obtain list." We already know the door levers are one of them (cue spoiler alert-the title of this post, maybe?!)... Bonus points if you know which other item has already made itself at home in my... well... home? 

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