Friday, March 14, 2014

In the Works

Just a quick post today with the promise that this weekend I'll be taking pictures to post a full house tour on Monday-finally!  A couple of exciting things in the works right now that I thought I would share.

Remember this hugely expensive designer fabric that my heart just went pitty-pat over?

Welll, after stalking several vendors on Etsy for a few weeks, I finally saw a price that (while it still made me gulp) was affordable, so I bit the bullet and ordered one.  When I got it, I literally squealed--it was beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  I heard angels singing an aria all around me. 

Then my record scratched. There was a very heavily noticeable tear in one side of the fabric. I almost cried. I reached out to the vendor with a picture and asked her if she would send me a new one in replacement. She was kind enough to say she would, though I had to pay for the shipping to send it back. I told her I wanted to order a second one since it was exactly what I wanted. So I shipped it back and placed the second order.  A month later, I am still waiting. Apparently the vendor she ordered the replacement fabric from went unresponsive, so she had to finally place the order with another vendor.  So now it's another two weeks of agony--I mean, waiting. 

Also in the works is what I'm calling my new "Command Center." I wandered into a consignment shop one day and a huge custom built desk and hutch and immediately I could see it being a decorative and efficient storage hutch and command center in my dining room/kitchen. So I bought it. It was very heavy and carrying the bottom desk piece gave me cheetah legs (covered in bruises!) but it was oh-so-worth it.  I am working with another Etsy vendor on some custom vases to fill my new shelves. As we get further along with the collaboration I'll be sharing. It's very exciting and she does gorgeous work--I pretty much want everything of hers and I've already bought a few pieces. I am impatiently waiting to get them! 

And for my final piece of news, the kitchen is moving (baby steps) towards my vision I shared the other day. I painted the kitchen island a dark gray and ordered some new brass pulls to glam them up. Next up is a new counter-top for the island and then it's on to painting the cabinets! 

I promise--pictures coming soon!! Check back Monday for a new house tour!  

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