Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking the Kitchen in a New Direction

Since my basement is on "pause" until we get a professional in to mud the new drywall, I've been eyeballing my kitchen most recently. Less than one week ago, my plan was to paint the lower cabinets emerald, and the upper cabinets cream, and I was going to do this gorgeous wallpaper over the current chevron wall. Cuz you know, Chevron is everywhere now so that makes it kinda boring. 

Hygee & West Petal Pusher wallpaper
So I ordered a sample of the wallpaper, fell in love, and thought I had committed to my plan of a fancy emerald and gold kitchen. But even though I love emerald, I couldn't see how I could make it play nice with the other colors I had going on with my art wall (pink, yellow, teal). I kept thinking my house would look like the color wheel threw up.  So I stalked images on Pinterest looking for colorful kitchens and while emerald is not heavily used in kitchens, the few images I did find were very... country. And with the old dated finishes in my kitchen, I worried about it looking more country than glam. 

All of the images of kitchens that I truly liked included white and gray cabinets, rustic wood, marble counter-tops and gold hardware. Like this one. 

Image found here

So that's what I'm doing. Since I haven't made a mood board in ages, I whipped one up below to show what I'm thinking. 
Rustic Glam Kitchen
At least it won't look like the color wheel threw up in my kitchen.

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