Monday, March 17, 2014

Someone has a Case of the Mondays...

So I did not have a good day today. Just call me Ms. Crankypants. Today I am wondering why the heck I am not in Hawaii and glaring at my pantry for the audaciousness of not having a bottle of Moscato in it for my crankypants consumption.

So I know I promised a house tour and unfortunately, my weekend consisted of watching my two nephews on Saturday, followed by a day of what was either a mild migraine or a very bad headache. So I did not get much done, which includes picking up the massive mess that somehow magically appeared on both levels of my house. We did watch the Cat in the Hat... I wonder if I can blame the mess on him...

I finally caved this past weekend and purchased my first ever digital camera-the EOS Rebel SL1. I opened the box with much trepidation. Digital + "SL1" makes me think of that movie with Will Smith and the robots. Yeah. This camera can probably kick my tush.   It came with a gigantic lens, 3 discs (software, a software instruction manual and a camera instruction manual), two manuals (to be fair, one's in a foreign language. See, I told you this camera could kick my tush--it's bilingual!) and a computer cable.  I unpacked all of that stuff and wondered what I'd gotten into. For now, until I get some cojones, I am sticking to the dummy auto feature. Yes, yes, baby steps.

In the meantime, while it is not a full house tour, or very professional images (obviously I have quite a bit to learn about lighting and flash...), I thought I would share some of the snapshots I was able to take of my living room after a very quick pickup of the mess caused by the tornado--err, boys (and girl).

You'll have to forgive me... absolutely nothing is styled. Just keeping it real, right? I guess I'm signing off with a promise of "more to come..." 

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