Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dreaming of a White Kitchen

Someday, probably far, far into the future (and possibly in another galaxy…) I will renovate my kitchen.  On that day, this is my dream kitchen. 

November 2010 issue of Remodel magazine

Until then, this is what I have.

And it desperately needs an update.  Since I am on a budget, I will have to update in stages. So here is the plan:
  • Move cabinet above fridge to over the microwave  (sorry, Dad)
  • Replace refrigerator and build shelves around it
  • Paint cabinets white
  • Replace faucet
  • Retile the backsplash
  • Install track lighting
  • Add storage
Of course, being fickle as I am, this plan could change at any time. Until then, here are a few images I've saved over the years of yummy white goodness. (If you know the sources, let me know!)

Source Unknown

Kitchen designed by Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange, Source Unknown

Canadian House and Home

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