Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Top Ten

Everyone knows I am fickle. Everyone also knows that I tend to procrastinate.. mostly because I have trouble making up my mind when there are so many good things to choose from; and these two traits do not neccessarily  make good friends. In fact, how they've both resided in my mind so long without making me go bi-polar is really quite the mystery.  So, in order to inspire myself to get moving on the 1,001 projects I would like to tackle in this house, I thought making a list would actually get me moving. So here are the projects I would like to cross off my list in 2013.

Disclaimer: this is not a New Year's Resolution. I do not do resolutions since I have difficulty committing to them. By saying it is not a resolution I am thereby absolving myself of any guilt should said projects not get completed.

2013 Top Ten Big-Ticket Items:
1. Paint Doors. This includes replacing the hardware on the doors.
2. Paint Kitchen Cabinets
3. Drywall downstairs Playroom and Bathroom
4. Replace floor in lower level
5. Retile entry-way floor
6. Build Bookshelf wall to replace top railing at entryway
7. Build storage wall in Dining Room
8. Put up mantel around fireplace
9. Finish Media Room
10. Stain outdoors deck

I have twelve months. I should at least finish two of them.

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