Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can't get no Satisfaction

Who sings that song?! It's been in my head the last week. I've been thinking about customer service lately, or rather the lack of it. I am the first to admit that I am impatient and want everything now, now, now. But I've had a series of moments lately that just don't make sense to me.

  1. I found a bamboo chair on Craigslist that I just loved. I could see the fixer-upper potential. So I emailed the address and received an almost immediate response saying it was still available. I immediately email back and say where would you like me to pick it up at? Now... 8 days later and I have not heard a peep. Even more maddening is the posting is STILL showing on Craigslist as available. 
  2. I ordered two prints from two different Etsy vendors. One print came within 4 days. The other print? I am still waiting. No tracking number, either. I received an email the day I ordered it saying I would receive a tracking number and the item would be shipped out within 1-2 days. I didn't get the tracking number, so after a few days, I contacted the seller. Still, no response. I contacted the seller again and finally received a response apologizing for the lack of response (they said they didn't get my first email), and that it was shipped out via first class mail and if I don't receive it by Friday, let them know and they would re-send me a new one. So... at least I know I will get one, but it is now 9 days past the original order date! 
  3. Another Etsy vendor I had emailed asking for a quote for curtains. The seller was fabulous and provided me with a quote the same day I had contacted them. The quote was very helpful-# of yards of fabric, and the costs for their labor. But, as I had mentioned when reaching out, I was pretty sure they were too expensive for me. After I received the quote, I thanked her and said I was afraid they were out of my budget at this point in time, but could she also give me a quote possibly on roman shades in that fabric? That was 12 days ago and I haven't heard anything back. Now it could be the seller was insulted and thinking I was wasting their time, but if I were the seller I would be picking up on the fact that this potential buyer really loves this fabric and really want to order something in it and is trying to find an item she can afford "at this time." So, again, if I were the seller, I would either respond with "sorry, the roman shades cost more than the curtain," or I would respond with a quote and also suggest if it weren't in my budget that they also sell a pillow cover in the same fabric, and would I be interested in that? Mind-boggling. 
One could say I should stay off of Etsy and Craigslist, but I am really trying to find art items for this gallery wall I am (very slowly) working on. I don't want to throw just anything up there! 

Right now, I have two photos and two on the way. Currently, they are both residing on the slice of wall between my window and door to the backyard. I absolutely love them!

**Update: Sorry for not citing sources, I think I mentioned these prints in a prior post and forgot to document the sources again! Print on top is Michelle Armas' "Trellus" print; print on bottom is Heidi Carlsen Rogers' Garden Petal-Pink-Yellow-Modern Art Abstract-Minimalist-Pastel.

How about you, have you ever had moments of dissatisfaction with Craigslist or Etsy sellers? Please tell me it's not me, people, and that I'm emitting some kind of horrible vibe when I very nicely reach out to people!!!


  1. Oh that is SO frustrating! Now, I have to ask you-- where did that top print come from?! I LOVE IT. I NEED IT. :)

    1. Isn't it FABULOUS? It's from Michelle Armas-she is on Etsy and also has a website:

      I swear, I want every one of her prints!