Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday!

I had a very productive weekend--probably the first weekend in a long time that I've been able to actually have enough energy to do things.  I did massive amounts of laundry, cleaning, patching some holes and re-painting them, and doing some general busywork around the house. I'm hoping my productive streak lasts through the week!

Remember my deck?

There were several broken and warped boards that needed replaced before I could stain my deck. So a couple months ago, my dad came in and replaced them with new boards. Then I got sick. So my deck has been sporting a lovely stripe pattern for quite some time now. 

Before the boards could be stained I had to pre-treat the new wood. So that is one thing I did this weekend. Like any normal, sane person, I wait until fall to finish my deck. You know, right when I can no longer use it. Yeah, that's me. Procrastination with a capital P.  

So the deck is one project I hope to finish this week! 

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