Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Squeaker in the House

I think there is a theme occurring where I forget I have this blog and a month goes by and I go "oops." Bad blogger. In my defense, I feel really badly blogging when I only have an iPhone for pictures. Color me an amateur! I think I will try to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. I should be able to commit to that, right?! Ok, so I missed Monday. And it's Wednesday night.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.

So in mid-August we added a new member to our family.  Meet Bugsy.

image from here

No, not that Bugsy. (I crack up every time I see that picture...)  This Bugsy: 

This little spunky guinea pig has quickly been a source of entertainment in our house. Doesn't he look like a little chick or a little popcorn ball all popped up?! No? Just me?! 

On the first day we brought Bugsy home with us, I had to do a little demo in my kitchen. Peyton had let Bugsy run around like he was born free. And of course, since we were huge scary giants, Bugsy ran to the nearest corner he could find. That corner happened to be the corner where my cabinets met in the kitchen. And apparently, that corner happened to have a hole where the baseboard did not fully cover the gap between cabinets. Bugsy found the hole. So there was Peyton, crying her eyes out that she lost her pet on the first day and I was freaking out wondering if he got between the floors in the house and did he get into the vents because goodness knew, we'd never get him back.... (Drama, much? Yeah.)

So I yanked the baseboard off with my bare hands and there was Bugsy, cowering at the back of the cabinets. Folks, I thought I was going to squish the little thing as I was pulling him out! But we got him out and my war wounds (4 cuts/scratches on my hand) are all healed now. When you bleed for them, that's when you know they are family.

Bugsy is a happy little squeaker now. He likes to jabber nonstop when we let him cuddle on us, and he does little "pops" (jumps) in his cage all. the. time. Every time Bugsy pops, so does the bedding. All. over. my. floor.  But he's so soft, and so cute that you just have to forgive him. And just LOOK at his spiky hair! Isn't it hilarious? I call it the sputnik tushy. Tell me you don't look at that shot below and think "sputnik tushy."

No? Just me?!

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