Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My New Best Friend

I have been sick as a dog the last week and a half, and a huge project due at work on Friday and absolutely no brain cells or energy with which to do it. Fun times, folks, fun times.  That said, I was (finally!) catching up on my magazine reading and read my House Beautiful issue and LOOK what I saw!!! This is the "Instant Room" feature, and Betsy Burnham put this one together. My jaw hit the floor.

Those are my curtains!!!! I might have shrieked and said, I WANT THAT! Those curtains would cost me $500 smackaroos like I mentioned... so hard to justify it. But just look at how amazing this room is--those curtains totally make it happen! Leopard, stripes, teal and green... I swear, Besty Burnham gets me

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