Monday, September 16, 2013

Gallery Wall in the Works!

I think I have finally selected all of the pieces for my gallery wall! I am really into magenta, pink and yellow right now, so I have used that as my color "triad" for this room. And of course, I selected all of the pieces with my favorite Lee Jofa La Fiorentina fabric in mind. Someday, sweetie, you will be in my house, oh yes you will.

In the meantime, as I (impatiently) wait for the various art pieces to arrive, I thought I would do a mood board showing the direction I am headed and the various pieces I have selected.  I also had to throw in a little kitty kat and the fabric, of course!

Gallery Wall

Here is what I've selected:

  1. Michelle Armas "Trellus" print
  2. Destiny Womack "Hope" print
  3. Made by Girl "Non & Oui Indecis" print (A side note on this one--is this perfect for me or what?!) 
  4. Heidi Carlsen Rogers Fine Art print
  5. Kelly Hall "Ligurian Houses" art print from Minted
  6. Nora Quinonez Leopard Print pillow from Etsy
  7. Lee Jofa La Fiorentina fabric

There is one more print I ordered, that I can't import onto Polyvore (presumably due to copyright): "Circus Animals on 33rd Street" by Bettman.  I thought my gallery wall needed something other than abstract art, and a little bit of quirky thrown in. Plus, ever since an elephant ate my cotton candy when I was little, I've been fascinated by them. I mean, you have to figure if an elephant likes cotton candy, that makes them awesome.  And an elephant's tushy walking down the city street? Tell me that ain't funny. 

What do you think of the combination of the prints I've selected? Against that charcoal wall? I wonder if it will make me fall in love with the wall after all. 

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