Sunday, September 22, 2013

the Saga Continues...

I finally got all pieces of my artwork in, and I was a little too impatient to do the smart thing and wait until I get a new TV credenza and move furniture around before I threw them up on the wall. I was dying to see if the pieces played well together. Let's start with a preview before I go into detail, shall we? (Sorry for poor pic quality.. once again iPhone + user incompetency = poor pictures. Bad Blogger. I promise, once I get some of these projects done I will buy a new camera!!)

So this is where I landed today. I wouldn't say I'm there yet. But I'm also trying to give the "grand plan" a chance and wait until all of the pieces are in alignment. Then I'll fix it.  Part of the "grand plan" involves buying a mid-century credenza (which I may have found--stay tuned!!) and moving the TV to the credenza, in the middle of the gallery wall. That is why there is a blank spot in the middle, taped out.  I promise, I'm not totally crazy.

To kick it off, I mapped out all of the pieces using my daughter's craft paper and then I played around with the various layouts until I found one that worked.  Here are the various layouts I tried. 

Option A

Option B

Option C

While I was mapping out all of this madness I was texting my friend with pictures and we both ultimately thought option C was the winner. I initially started with only 6 prints and quickly discovered that 6 was not the magic number. So I hunted my house and found another print that worked with the color scheme, but I am not sold on its wood frame, so it is kind of a stand-in for now. Then, I put everything up on the wall.

Then, seeing it on the wall made the left side look very sad and empty. So I moved a couple of prints around, and landed on the one below. But I need to keep playing around with it because Option C worked really well when the two white frames stacked on top of each other, as above. I just need to fix the emptiness on the left side.

What do you think? Ultimately, I think there are two pain points for me: the wood frame sticks out and I miss the symmetrical stacking white prints on the right. I also think once I get the credenza and TV in, I will do some smushing and move the prints closer together. I did toy briefly with the idea of spray-painting a couple of the frames gold, thinking it might make one wood frame more acceptable if there are four different frame colors, but just not sure yet. I figure I can always break out the spray paint down the line. 

Prints are, from left to right: 
  1. Kelly Hall Ligurian Houses art print from Minted 
  2. Destiny Womack "Hope" print, from Etsy
  3. Painted canvas print, artist unknown, from Target years ago
  4. Non & Oui Indecis print, from MadebyGirl
  5. Heidi Carlsen Rogers Fine Art print, from Etsy
  6. Trellus print from Michelle Armas
  7. Circus Animals on 33rd Street by Bettman from 
So that is where I am today. What do you think? 

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