Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pink Curtains on the Brain

I mentioned in a recent post (o.k., stop laughing. it was recent a month ago...) that I had made the jump and painted my living room wall charcoal.

I have been living with it for awhile, and while I don't hate it, I am not in love with it. I think it's the carpet that throws me off. The wall looks fantastic in the dining room, with the floor, but when I see it with carpet, something just throws it off for me. 

But I know when I started down this road of a dark accent wall, I had a vision. I am all too often too impatient to see a vision through to the end. So more often than not, I yank out the paintbrush and start on a new vision before I've given the old vision time to grow and evolve. And lately, all I am hooked on are images of white rooms with bright pops of color.  I think Emily Henderson's design for Bri Emery's room exploded onto the blog world and everyone, everywhere, wants it. I am weak. I too, want it. (Check out the link with its gorgeous pictures and tell me you do not want to live in that yummy goodness!) But, before I cross into the light, I am going to try to see this one through. 

So here is where I started... I wanted to bring up my white leather sofa from downstairs and offset it with teal accents,  a mid-century modern credenza for under the TV, and an art wall full of my brother's gorgeous photos


West Elm italian sofa / Thrive midcentury furniture / CB2 media storage furniture / Mod furniture / Robert Abbey lamp / Jonathan Adler turquoise home decor / Ballard home decor / West Elm antique brass furniture / CB2 stackable shelve / Bamboo side table / Blake Side Table | Ballard Designs

Well, somewhere along the way I got tired of teal being the only color in the room, and all of a sudden, pinks and yellows were shouting my name.  I stumbled across Michelle Armas' prints and ordered this one. And... well, you can't have an art wall without more than one print...So, I started looking for more artwork on Etsy. And I ordered two more prints: this one, by Heidi Carlsen Rogers; and this one, by Destiny Womack. I am hoping the bright pops of color (magenta, yellow!) will pop off the dark wall and offset the TV.

And all of this is of course, fueled by a dream of having curtains in my favorite fabric-of-the-moment:

Lee Jofa Groundworks La Firoentina fabric in magenta/wine
I may have to settle for a pillow in this fabric, it is so pricey and hard to justify such an expense. But, so yummy.

So that is where I am-drooling over pink curtains and waiting with impatient breath for my new artwork to arrive!

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