Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Loo gets Nekkid.

I mentioned the other day that we are working on my basement and we demo'ed the bathroom. Here is the bathroom in all its horrific glory, pre-demo:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Yikes! I am not sure where to start. This is a good example of weird choices that were made in "finishing" this basement. Check out 3 walls paneled in faux beadboard (exhibit A and exhibit B), and then check out the fourth wall paneled in ... I'm not actually sure that that is. Ugly blue faux marble?! (Exhibit C). I'm telling you, this bathroom was a crime scene. 

So I happily participated in demolitions! All the paneling was knocked down, that bathroom cabinet and mirror were trashed, and I personally attacked that ugly blue tile with a vengeance. 

You can see we had to bring in a lamp for lighting once we removed that hideous mirror. This bathroom has no window, and the hall light doesn't reach it. We also decided to remove the panel that was installed around the doors in the little passage-way because I wanted the light switch to be removed from the outside of the door (seriously?! Who does that?!) and moved to the inside of the bathroom. That left a hole. So, since that paneling had to go at some point, it seemed like a good time to take it down. 

 Then we ran into a problem. Somehow, when the doors were installed, the paneling was used as actual support for the door-frames  So it appears that for the bedroom and laundry room doors, we are going to have to take the doors down and re-hang, in order to remove the paneling. I heard my dad muttering about getting a contractor in and heard $$ signs on an old-school cash register chiming in my head.

But the demolition is done. The awfulness is out (well, with the exception of the vanity). The bathroom will need to be finished so I can test out the new floor before I can finish the media room. So little Loo has been upgraded to Defcon 1.   Here is the list of what needs to go down:

  1. Hang drywall
  2. Mud drywall (to occur at the same time we hire a pro to mud the Media room)
  3. Install new light
  4. Paint
  5. Install flooring
  6. Install Vanity
  7. Install Mirror

As with the Media room, there is much to do. But she's a smaller package, so I am hoping we can crank her out a little more quickly!

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