Saturday, May 18, 2013

Suitcases for Peyton

Went shopping today- on the agenda was looking for some teal planters and flowers for my deck. While driving, my mom and I spied a secondhand antique/consignment type store, and we immediately detoured.

These came home with me. 

Talk about adding character to a home. I fell in love with the camel leather and old style suitcases and immediately had visions of Peyton tidily cleaning up her toys every evening into these handsomely, ├╝ber-cool storage bins. (How's that for justifying a self-centered purpose?! I want them so I say they are for Peyton... Yes, that is how I roll.) 

When I brought them in and told Peyton they were for her toys, the girl immediately grabbed some toys from her room and started loading them up. 

She laid claim to them in 5 seconds flat. "Mom, I need to put my computer in MY laptop carrier." (Apparently the girl thinks the small suitcase resembles my laptop bag.) 

I'm calling this a win-win. I get to gaze lovingly at somebody's old luggage set and bask in my intelligence of hiding Peyton's mess of toys while she thinks its a super cool laptop case and gets a kick out of picking up toys. Ah, bliss. 

Anyone else finding old suitcases and hauling them home and using their kids as an excuse to do so? 

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