Thursday, May 23, 2013

One piece at a time..

It's the small steps that make it seem like something is actually happening and there IS progress in this small slice of my world... 

My deck now has a table. 

Progress. I knew going into this relationship that it would require some effort to look pretty and inviting. Kind of like putting in mascara in the morning- it's the finishing touches that glam it up. Like the mascara I forget to put on 98% of the time, this table without cushions is not so inviting. 

It has them...all eight of them.  I just have to haul them in and out from the garage and It's. So. Far. 

It's hard to see, but the door with the wonky blinds leads to the garage. And there's a flight of steps to the garage. 
Yeah, call me lazy. 

So I knew I needed a deck box. So I looked everywhere (and by everywhere,I mean Target) and I didn't  see any that I really liked. They are plastic. And brown. And brown plastic offends me. 

Parents to the rescue! So my folks were shopping the other night and they saw a deck box, 120 gallons worth of storage, doubles as a bench and only $90. They sent me a picture:

Costco. Go figure. Yes, it's brown. And plastic. But it's a really dark "wood look" brown. So I will try not to be offended. (And I will try to stay 5 feet away from this can of black emergency spray paint that just happens to be within the vicinity.) 

So my Papi set it up for me tonight. Here she lies. 

I immediately started nesting. 

Sadly enough, not all of the cushions fit. I was able to squish in all but ONE. 

I may need to visit Costco for a mini version... But huge sigh of bliss... Now I don't have to walk those 10 steps further to the garage...

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