Thursday, May 9, 2013

Table Knockoff

Have you ever had a moment of pure brilliance only to have it smashed into a million little pieces that resemble your sanity on the best of days? Earlier today I had an AHMAZING notion that the table set I really lusted after from Grandin Road was a simple design and it could be easily customized from a cheaper set of tables. I am, afterall, no stranger to spray paint. If only I could find the right set.

So I Googled for "metal nesting tables" and a celestial chorus started singing in my head. I saw the perfect trio of metal tables at World Market--the Ashton Nesting Tables.. $150 for the trio.

Ashton Nesting Tables, World Market

Really, is that not perfect or what?! Grandin Road's trio is $229. Then my record scratched. Online stated it was on back-order. I have no patience for back-order. I am all about immediate gratification.  So over lunch, I dashed into World Market. I searched high and low and I even went so far as to harass a rushed clerk into looking for me. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bubble of excitement = popped.  

I may find myself haunting World Market until this trio comes in. I mean, honestly--can't you see it?! 

Table Knockoff

Set of Three Hailey Metal Nesting Tables - Grandin Road / Ashton Nesting Tables, Set of 3

If someone out there sees these in their World Market, they need to purchase a set ASAP because this would be an amazing deal and a super-easy project to spiff up your deck and customize it to your color scheme!!! 

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