Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am very excited. I have this week off from work (Personal Time Off) since Peyton's school ended (oh my gosh! How did my baby graduate from first grade already?!) and she has one week delay before her summer daycare starts.

She is talking about major swimming pool time and craft projects and I am thinking of the various projects I've been itching to get done. Here are some things I am considering.

1.)  I need to purge, clean and organize my linen closet and bedroom closet. (You know, so I can go shopping and make room for more clothes..I mean, so I can get organized, of course.)  I am thinking both would look lovely painted in this color. The color is Benjamin Moore's Caribbean Cool 661. 


(Because really, it'd be insane if I don't paint SOMETHING when I'm not at work...) 

2.)  One of the projects that I picked up some supplies for was to create a wooden starburst mirror as initially seen on the Home Depot blog for the Style Challenge. Cassie from Hi, Sugarplum had crated a sunburst mirror and it looked fabulous. Fabulous as in-I-need-to-have-this-right-now-fabulous. Check it out here.

Image from Hi, Sugarplum 
Then, I was reading another blog, 7th House on the Left, and Ashley created a differently styled starburst mirror (read: more labor-intensive and a little more expensive). I liked Ashley's take as it was more star-like, and more similar to the starburst mirror I have at home (slowly but surely trying to amass a collection).  Check it out here
Image from 7thHouseontheLeft
Both gals used theirs for outdoor art, but I don't really have a good location for outdoor art (the only patch of open wall that might work on the deck has cable wires running smack down the middle). So instead, I am thinking of spray painting it gold or doing some gold-leafing and use it indoors. 

3.) Painting the upstairs Living room Gray. I think I'm taking the plunge to the gray side.  I mentioned before upstairs gets a ton of light, so I think it can handle a deeper color. Plus, gray will contrast nicely with the white trim and doors. And of course, it will bring me one step closer to "modern." I'm inspired by this image from Room and Board
Image from Room & Board here
Speaking of... Room and Board-ohmigosh! Where have they been all my life?! This styling is RIGHT up my alley..some retro-y vintage pieces offset with lots of leather, modern furniture and walnut woods... be still my heart. This is the image I am most drawn to and I am thinking it will do quite nicely in my lower media room:
Image from Room & Board here
The gray, the walnut, the pop of yellow.... But I digress.

4.) Last, but not least, the deck. If the weather plays nice (it hasn't been-in fact the weather man is calling for rain and storms all week... how like a man..) I would like to power wash and stain/weatherproof my deck. John and Sherry from Young House Love had a great post sharing how they did this with their deck and it couldn't have come at a better time. Check the post out here!

So those are my top contenders for projects to do between playing with my girl while I am on PTO. 

Anyone else out there enjoying extra time off with the Memorial day weekend?  

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