Sunday, May 19, 2013

Splash of Color

Today I am making brownies and painting my back door. With the weather being a little persnickety today, I couldn't get working on cleaning and staining the deck like I'd hoped. So I am mostly indoors today. 

But first- inspiration: 

At this point I am thinking my deck color scheme is still teal and green. (Though I did get intrigued with some dark purple pots I saw the other day... I could do teal and purple...) In any case, I know teal is the main accent color! Pretty sure, anyway. 

Enter the new planter I picked up yesterday. The teal adds a nice bright pop of color to my deck and has me thinking there really needs to be more color out there. But alas, with 60% chance of storms this afternoon my eye wandered to my back door. 

This is the view I started with: 

The interior door has never been painted. It is an ugly faded off white door with a strong yellow tint to it. It is not rocking my boat. 

And this is a progress shot. Best of all- it's free! I am using the leftover paint from my front door-so it makes for a quick and easy splash of color. 

At some point I would like to replace the outside storm door with a full glass pane French door so I can see more of the color. But that comes later. Deck first, people!

Anyone else painting doors while waiting to gouge themselves on decadent tasting brownies?

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