Thursday, May 23, 2013

My baby shoots-she scores!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a black thumb when it comes to plants. Overwater, underwater, forget the plant exists for months at a time and then act surprised when it's a skinny bedraggled stalk... 

Yeah. I have a love affair with plants. I am not so sure that my love is reciprocated.  But lately, fiddle leaf fig trees have been all over the design world and I had to have one. (No, Alma, there's no figs on these trees...) 

I emailed my garden center a few months ago and they had one in stock.  It was badly sun-damaged, and I honestly wasn't sure the tree wouldn't take one look at me and just rattle it's last breath right there on the spot...but I gave it a shot. 

So this baby came home with momma. 

Amid dire predictions from friends and family and doubtful looks at the sun-damaged leaves, I persisted. And just yesterday I noticed my baby is growing. There are 3 new fig leaves sprouting up!!! 

I'm like a proud momma-- I didn't kill this one!!! 

Here she is in all her glory... You can see she's lost a lot of leaves and there are still a couple damaged leaves bravely hanging in there... But this one, she's a fighter. And she's already won my heart. 

And wow, these are like the worst iPhone pictures ever. I have got to get me a new camera. Any recommendations? 


  1. Oh kelci... I have known the hope and excitement you describe. I finally got my hands on one a few weeks ago, and it actually sprouted a few new leaves! I thought I'd finally turned a corner and was going to grow a plant for once! But you know what? One day, out of nowhere, the top branch drooped over, and the leaves started turning brown and falling off. Saddest day. I hope this doesn't happen to you. Signed: Debbie Downer, emotionally bruised from my fiddle leaf fig encounter.

    1. Hahaha! Only you could smush hope like a bug and make me laugh at the same time! Here's hoping my thumb is slightly less black than yours...